MATLAB r2021b

With the latest update of MATLAB r2021b, Flavio Pol Application Engineering Manager at CES looks at some of the most interesting new features from the latest release of MATLAB and demonstrates these functionalities.

Flavio walks you through the most interesting new features including:

Run Functions in Background
This example shows how to run a function in the background using parfeval and backgroundPool. When you
run a function in the background, you can run other MATLAB code at the same time.

  • Asynchronous Functions
    MATLAB either runs code synchronously or asynchronously. You can use the following functions to run code

Decompose Table Data Using STL
Decompose data in a table into its long-term trend, two seasonal trends, and remainder using the STL

New Live Script Tasks in R2021b

  • Normalize Data
    Center and scale data in the Live Editor
    The Normalize Data task lets you interactively normalize data by choosing centering and scaling methods, such
    as z-score. The task automatically generates MATLAB® code for your live script.
  • Compute by Group
    Summarize, transform, or filter by groupexpand all in page
    The Compute by Group task lets you interactively group data and compute summary statistics, transformations,
    or filtering operations on each group. The task automatically generates MATLAB® code for your live script.
  • Cluster Data
    Cluster data using k-means algorithm in the Live Editorexpand all in page
    The Cluster Data Live Editor Task enables you to interactively perform k-means clustering. The task generates
    MATLAB® code for your live script and returns the resulting cluster indices and the cluster centroid locations to
    the MATLAB workspace.

Run Python statements from MATLAB
Call the python code from MATLAB

Get more out of MATLAB and Simulink by downloading the latest release. More information on the latest features here

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