Recording: Developing UAV Model Fidelity

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When we talk about modeling a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platform, the recommendation is to select the appropriate model fidelity level. For example, if your team is building new UAV platforms, you might need to provide a detailed model of your UAV, in other words, a high-fidelity model.

On the other hand, if you are focused on the autonomy applications for UAV, maybe it is sufficient to start with a low-fidelity model.

UAV development, model fidelity

In this video: Vishwa Samba explores how the UAV design cycle provides incrementally better access to UAV characteristics as the design progresses. In addition, we will look at different levels of fidelity modelling by considering examples and understanding the trade-offs between them.

This video covers the following:

    • Mathematical Modelling
    • Model Fidelity
    • The Design Cycle of a UAV
    • Vehicle Modelling Methods
    • Demos
      • low fidelity modelling
      • medium fidelity modelling
      • high fidelity modelling
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