Radar System Engineering & Design

Radar System Design & Engineering

Modern RADAR systems not only detect and measure distances and radial velocity, but they also have the capability of measuring the directions, imaging, and identifying targets. Designing and deploying modern and advanced RADAR systems such as multifunction RADAR has always been challenging. These challenges can be overcome through modeling, designing, simulating, and testing RADAR systems.

Systems engineering plays an increasingly crucial role in managing the complex requirements, architectures, and integration of multiple domains to ensure the delivery of systems with exceptional performance and safety. MATLAB®, Simulink®, and System Composer™ together create a single environment for creating descriptive architecture models that seamlessly bridge into detailed implementation models. 

In this video we demonstrate how to design and test RADAR systems in Simulink based on a set of performance requirements.

Specific topics and demonstrations include:

  • RADAR system top-level architecture composition.
  • RADAR performance requirements definition, authoring and implementation.
  • Design and implementation of Simulink behaviour of RADAR components.
  • Create test cases for RADAR Simulink model.
  • Test and verification of RADAR model against performance requirements.

You will also see how to:

  • Compose Systems Architecture.
  • Perform RADAR Link Budget Analysis using RADAR Designer App.
  • Implement RADAR components Simulink behaviour.
  • Define, Author and link requirements.
  • Use Test Manger to create test cases for Simulink models.
About the Presenter:

Abderrahim Belissaoui is an Application Engineer at CES, only authorised partner of MathWorks in the Middle East.

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