Simulink for AI Workflows

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Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, such as machine learning and deep learning, have become more popular in various domains. MATLAB and Simulink offer integration with AI techniques, so you can leverage their capabilities for system modelling, control, and decision-making. 

Simulink is a powerful block diagram environment. It is used to model, design and simulate multi-domain systems to generate code and deploy to hardware. Simulink provides AI functionalities for algorithm development and environment modelling. It is used to simulate deep learning networks with control, signal processing, and sensor fusion components that can assess the impact of your deep learning model on system-level performance. 

In this video:  Simulink for Artificial Intelligence workflows, we look at deep learning functionalities in Simulink using Deep Learning Toolbox and MATLAB Function block to build a model for lane and vehicle detection. We will also demonstrate how Transfer Learning can be used on pre-trained models using smaller or different datasets.


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