MATLAB® & Simulink® training

MATLAB® Training Courses: Customized & Standardized

There are a variety of MATLAB® training and Simulink training options available. You will find here below the options (including free MATLAB® onramp training options) available to you.

Flexible delivery options:
  • Public training available in the MENA region
  • Onsite training with standard or customized courses
  • Web-based training with live, interactive courses
More than 30 course offerings:
  • Introductory and intermediate training on MATLAB® and SIMULINK®.
  • Specialized courses in control design, signal processing, physical modelling, parallel computing, code generation, communications, and other areas
Standard Courses
  • MATLAB® Fundamentals
  • Simulink® Fundamentals

Free MATLAB® & SIMULINK® training

Free Two-Hour introductory Tutorials
  • MATLAB® Onramp Training: Get started quickly with the basics of MATLAB®
  • SIMULINK® Onramp Get started quickly with the basics of Simulink
  • Machine Learning Onramp: Learn the basics of practical machine learning methods for classification problems
  • Deep Learning Onramp: Get started quickly using deep learning methods to perform image recognition
  • Signal Processing Onramp: An interactive introduction to signal processing methods for spectral analysis
  • Image Processing Onramp: Learn the basics of practical image processing techniques in MATLAB®
  • Reinforcement Learning Onramp: Master the basics of creating intelligent controllers that learn from experience
  • Simscape Onramp: Learn the basics of simulating physical systems in Simscape
  • Control Design Onramp with SIMULINK®: Get started quickly with the basics of feedback control design in SIMULINK®

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