Why MATLAB® & Simulink®

CES is helping companies unleash the power of MATLAB® and Simulink®, across the Middle East. As a result, these companies are developing models, implementing predictive maintenance models, analysing Big Data and automating processes.

Customer Testimonial

Read how Technology Innovation Institute (TII) Improved Active Vibration Controller Tuning using MATLAB & Simulink. More here

Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Oil & Gas
Aerospace & Defense

About CES

CES is the exclusive partner of MathWorks in the Middle East. Above all, we are helping companies unleash the value of digital transformation through advanced technology that harnesses the benefits of artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, predictive maintenance and much more. Accordingly, our teams can help you exploit the power of MATLAB® and SIMULINK® to quickly put your data to work or improve your workflow. Today, post-Covid we can help you access MATLAB® online.

our services


CES are exclusive partner of MATLAB® & SIMULINK® in the Middle East. Our dedicated team will find the best solution for you and your organization. Contact us


CES provides local technical support by our experienced applications engineering team; highly competent in efficiently assisting customers & their needs. Contact us.


CES can provide customized and standard training courses for MATLAB® and SIMULINK® for different applications and industries. Contact us.


CES provides specialized consultancy services to assist customers in application development and framework creation. Contact us.

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