MATLAB newsletter: Aerospace Defense

Artificial Intelligence

From Automatic defect detection, to decoding MEG Signals, to Radar-Based Object Detection to Predictive Maintenance… read more about these four proven appli-cations for AI algorithms

Learn how MATLAB® and Simulink® are used to overcome common challenges including: Handling data scarcity for training, Labeling sparse 3D point clouds and radar signals, Applying deep learning models designed for images and signals to point clouds and radar returns and Classifying radar returns including micro-Doppler signatures. More here

Autonomous Systems

Learn how to use MATLAB & Simulink in integrated development workflows for autonomous UAS applications that span early system design and simulation to de-ployment and testing. More here

See how MATLAB and Simulink were used in the development of a low power, single fault-tolerant system for orbiting the sun. More here

Learn how to quickly load ULOG, TLOG, or custom flight logs; display data for analysis; and generate actionable results. See how to display a map view of the flight that provides a view of the UAV flight path, and how to save and share the figures generated and sessions created. More here

RADAR & Radio

Learn how to create land and sea surface models for monostatic radar. Defining regions where you want to generate clutter. More here

See how Miros designed a sensor system called Wavex that accurately measures waves, current and speed through water using a deep learning network to automatically identify radar images even in difficult conditions. More here

Learn about a radar detectability factor, how to use waterfall & spotlight charts to observe results of tests after making design tradeoffs and how to determine SNR and detectability factor. More here


See how Leonardo DRS conduct high-fidelity, microsecond-scale hardware-in-the-loop tests of shipboard power electronics systems and control software. More here

Explore the broad spectrum of power electronic topics  including battery system, power converters, renewable energy and motor control. More here

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