Beyond Excel: Low Code Programming

Low Code / No Code Programming with MATLAB


Environments like Microsoft Excel provide an easy way to perform data analysis without having to resort to coding.

Yet, Excel is limited in terms of the size of data and the complexity of analysis it can perform. Similarly, analysis through coding requires a steep learning curve.

In this video, we introduce you to low-code tools in MATLAB.

Low-code tools require little to no knowledge of coding and for the more confident user they can help semi-automate recurring or typical tasks in many workflows.

Video outline
  • What is “Low Code”?
  • Live Script Overview
  • Interactive Controls
  • A Possible Workflow of Live Tasks
  • Create a Personal Live Task
About the Presenter

Mohamad Saif Chaban joined CES – MathWorks partner in the Middle East in 2023. Saif holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the American University of Sharjah. He is fluent in Arabic and English and is passionate about helping customers get the most out of their MATLAB products.

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