CES participates in MEICA 2021

MEICA 2021

The 2nd Annual Middle East Instrumentation control and Automation Conference (MEICA) took place in Dubai, UAE from October 5th to 7th 2021. The conference included 3 dats of experience & knowledge exchange, 50 exhibitors and over 500 Oil & Gas Leaders from around the globe. The theme this year’s conference: Optimizing Plant Performance & Adapting Security Strategy. Presentations throughout covered the topics of instrumentation, control, automation and cyber security.

Flavio Pol from CES made a presentation on the topic Transforming Automation through AI-Driven Workflows and  showcased industry trends including Model-Based Design, the digital twins and demonstrated a predictive maintenance workflow user stories from Baker Hughes.

The growing industry trends of increasing amounts of data (from smart sensors), growing complexity of embedded software, digital transformation and the commoditization of cloud technology has lead to the rise of Digital Twins. In his presentation, Flavio explains why the digital twin has become so integral to drilling system automation and how anyone can get started with predictive maintenance, model-based design and more. 

If you would like a copy of Flavio’s presentation from MEICA 2021, please email


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