Design & Simulate Wireless Systems with Integrated RF Receiver

Wireless communication systems transmit information over the air using electromagnetic waves. A wireless system, such as 5G and beyond, satellite communication, and GPS, consists mainly of three components: the transmitter, the channel, and the receiver. Early stages of real-time and reliable wireless communication systems development require analysis, testing, and verification of digital, antenna and RF circuit designs, link budget, and base-band signal processing algorithms. RF circuits, antennas, and algorithms can be designed, analyzed, tested, and verified using specific tools and equipment that are costly in most cases. MATLAB, Simulink, and their add-ons have various solutions and tools for modeling and simulating wireless communication systems. A high-fidelity model of the dynamics behind wireless systems can be achieved by incorporating RF and channel impairments onto the modulated waveform and by integrating RF non-linearity and its effect on the transceiver.

In this video

You will learn how to design and simulate an end-to-end wireless system with an integrated RF receiver using MATLAB and Simulink. Besides Simulink and Simscape blocks, MATLAB functions, and system objects, other MATLAB interactive tools, such as the wireless waveform generator and RF budget analyzer apps, will be used to speed up the modeling process of a wireless communication system. Diagram of a typical Wireless Communication System Figure 1 – Diagram of a typical Wireless Communication System


Abderrahim Belissaoui has a Masters in Control System, Signal Processing and Automation from Faculty of Sciences and Techniques in Settat, Morocco, and a Bachelors in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University Hassan 1er in Settat, Morocco. Abderrahim joined CES in August 2021 and since then his areas of focus have included Signal Processing, Image processing, Control System, RADAR, RF and Antenna Design and Simulation and Digital Communications Systems. He is passionate about Machine Learning for RADAR and Wireless Communications and has helped many customers improve their workflows in these areas.
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