Linking MATLAB & Aspen Plus

Aspen Plus Dynamics enables users to gain a detailed understanding of the unique dynamics of their processes and potential scenarios. Users can leverage this knowledge during design and operation to optimize safety, operability, and productivity within plants – and to minimize capital and operating costs.

The Control Design Interface, included in Aspen Plus Dynamics, enables a linear state space model to be extracted from the Aspen Plus Dynamics rigorous non-linear simulation. This can be loaded into MATLAB and used with the Control System Toolbox in designing a process control system. Once the user has designed a control system, they can use the Simulink Interface, also included with Aspen Plus Dynamics, to test its performance. The interface enables an Aspen Plus Dynamics process simulation to be used as a block within a Simulink model. This means the user can test the controller performance on the full, rigorous, non-linear dynamic model of the process. Without this interface, the control design can only be tested using the linear dynamic model within MATLAB. This leaves uncertainties about how the controller will perform on the real, non-linear process.

Using Aspen Plus Dynamics with MATLAB and Simulink helps the user to develop better process control systems, and to be confident that these systems work effectively when deployed on the plant.

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