MATLAB Bahrain – CES authorised reseller

CES partners MATLAB in Bahrain 

CES is helping companies unleash the power of MATLAB® and Simulink® in Bahrain.  As a result, these companies are developing models, analysing Big Data, automating processes and implementing predictive maintenance models using MATLAB and Simulink products

Data Analytics with MATLAB – spend less time accessing and pre-processing data, when building deep learning / machine learning models or predictive models. Moreover, all models can be easily deployed to enterprise IT systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) with MATLAB – only MATLAB lets you integrate AI into your complete workflow, to help you develop a fully engineered system.

Oil & Gas with MATLAB – develop and implement models, analyse big data, automate processes and implement predictive maintenance models

Aerospace & Defense with MATLAB – design, simulate, test and deploy safety and mission-critical systems

CES is an authorised reseller of MathWorks products in Bahrain. Our customers hail from all walks of industry across Bahrain. Today, we are helping companies in Bahrain unleash the value of digital transformation through advanced technology that harnesses the benefits of artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, predictive maintenance and much more. Accordingly, our teams can help you exploit the power of MATLAB and Simulink to quickly put your data to work or improve your workflow.

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