MATLAB Expo Highlights


Deepen Your Knowledge

At this year’s MATLAB Expo. we heard about the latest trends and advancements in engineering and science, and explored new techniques that can be applied right away. Below you will find a full list of the topics covered this year and the slides. Not all recordings are yet ready, but we will make sure to share them here as they become available. 

5G, Wireless & Radar

Artificial Intelligence in engineering

Autonomous Systems & Robotics

Algorithm Development & Data Analysis

Electrification, Motor control & power systems

implementation & dev-Ops

Deploying Cloud-Native MATLAB Algorithms in KubernetesSlides
Automotive DevOps for Model-Based Design with AWSSlides
Reuse of Simulink Components with Chip-Level Design & Verification EnvironmentsSlides

modelling & simulation

Integrating AI-Based Virtual Sensors into Model-Based DesignSlides
Fuel Cell Systems: The Challenge of Multiphysics SimulationSlides
Models Exchange and Virtual Integration with MATLAB and SimulinkSlides
A Software Shift Left by Utilizing Model-Based Design & MathWorks Code Generation ToolsSlides

Preparing future engineers

Prepaing Engineering for the Growing AI WorkforceSlides
Using Virtual Twins for Distance in Control Systems LabsSlides
Digital Transformation in Education: Ligtning RoundSlides
Accelerating Research with a Personal MATLAB Parallel CloudSlides
Electric Drives: From Basic Models to Fuzzy and Neural Network ControllersSlides

systems engineering

Why Models are Essential to Digital EngineeringVideo
Bridging System and Component Design for Vehicle Electrification Using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)Slides
System & Software Development and Safety Analysis for Digital Product DevelopmentSlides
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