MATLAB Newsletter: Oil & Gas


Modeling the drilling process allows us to understand the physics driving drilling systems without having to resort to costly real-life rig testing. ExxonMobil has gathered a group of experts together to develop an open source drilling community for the testing system performance & stability. More here

Modelling the geological storage of carbon dioxide is difficult due to the scarcity of data, the large spans in spatial and temporal scales & the delicate balance between differing physical flow mechanisms. The co2lab module of the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST) offers a set of simulators and workflow tools. More here

Hear about the design and implementation of a nonlinear model-based adaptive robust controller (ARC) for tool motion control, driven by a hydrostatic transmission used in an oil and gas wireline operation. More here

See how a drill string model for parameter estimation has been developed and validated with field data, based on one-dimensional wave equation with a distributed friction term. More here

Hear about a prebuilt drilling library created in Simulink® and a two-degrees-of-freedom drilling dynamics model where the differential equations are modeled in MATLAB® and Simulink. More here

Some open-source packages and indeed other commercial software struggle with modeling drilling dynamics. Simulink® has several inbuilt capabilities that enable it to work more efficiently and improve your development of drilling models. More here

Leverage the strength of MATLAB (for control algorithms) and ANSYS (for structural modelling) to develop a high fidelity drill string structural model. More here

Hear about the successful development and application of simulation models for two different dehydration methods using Simscape. More here

With the dramatic growth and complexity of seismic data, manual labeling of seismic facies has become a significant challenge. Hear how the application of deep learning and wavelets in MATLAB can help solve this challenge and provide a starting point to speed up interpretation by geoscientists. More here

By implementing a predictive maintenance program on a heat exchanger, process engineers can identify when to modify operations to extend the lifespan of a heat exchanger versus when to take the heat exchanger offline for cleaning. More here

A state-space model of the fluid pipeline coupled to the sampling system was developed in MATLAB®. Simulink® was used to model the system dynamics and determine whether the forces and response times required from actuators were achievable. More here

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