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Our favourite webinars in April

In April, we were spoiled for interesting topics. Here is the list of our favorite webinar recordings.

All information and webinar links are listed further below:

Communications in space with matlab

Hear how to:

  • Use MATLAB to perform simulations for space scenarios
  • Design communication systems for space applications
  • Implement your system on embedded hardware and ground station on the cloud

Watch the recording here

Developing hydrogen systems from tank to fuel cell

Learn how Simulink & Simscape can be used to model, simulate, and analyze multi-domain dynamical systems


  • Introduction in modeling gas systems with Simscape
  • Valve control for hydrogen charging station tank-to-tank
  • Parameter estimation from measurements and datasheets
  • Multi-species fuel cell model including nitrogen diffusion and purging

Watch recording here

Mass estimation for robot manipulators

Include weight information from grasped objects in your robot manipulation algorithms by implementing fault-based estimations that can reconstruct the weight of an object from existing robot information.

Watch recording here

what is complex power? active, reactive and apparent power explained

Learn about:

  • The relationship between voltage and current in resistors, inductors, and capacitors
  • What instantaneous power looks like in resistors, inductors, and capacitors
  • How to use vector representations of voltage and current to calculate complex power
  • How complex power is separated into active power, reactive power, and apparent power
  • How power factor gives insight into system efficiency

Watch recording here

introduction to matlab

Get started with MATLAB

Learn how MATLAB is used to solve engineering and scientific problems. See the product demonstrated on a typical example.

Watch recording here

high speed data capture with usrp sdr hardware

Learn how to use MATLAB with USRP SDR hardware for design exploration and testing of wireless systems in real time.

Watch recording here

introduction to simulink for system modelling & simulation

In this session you will learn the basics of Simulink for modeling, simulating, and analyzing multidomain dynamical systems.

Watch recording here

uav flight log analysis with matlab

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Use Flight Log Analyzer app
  • Analyze UAV autopilot flight logs
  • Import custom flight log and signal data
  • Troubleshoot flight issues by identifying anomalies in flight data

Watch recording here

predictive maintenance with matlab: an engine health case study

Learn to develop predictive maintenance algorithms in MATLAB that detect faults and predict failures in a fleet of aircraft engines.

Watch recording here

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