Petrel interface with MATLAB


Petrel interface with MATLAB

Connect the visualization power of Petrel software with the analytics power of MATLAB. The MATLAB support package for Petrel allows you to seamlessly move data to and from Petrel making it easier to leverage the strengths of both applications.

Using the MATLAB support package for Petrel, you can:

  • Directly read and write data between projects.
  • Perform Petrel Operations from within MATLAB
  • No need to manually exchange data between the two environments

A video guide on linking Petrel software and MATLAB  here

Download the MATLAB interface for Petrel, and review the support package user guide.

Features include:

  • Support for the following data types: Function, PointSet, PolylineSet, Grid, Surface Seismic Cube, Seismic Horizon, Surface, Well, WellLog, and Workfow
  • Support for the following operations: add folder, add node, add window, find node, get camera, get node, rename node, remove node, set camera, set node, show node, show window, run workflow

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