Recording: Develop & Deploy Signal Processing Algorithms

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Signal processing finds applications in various fields, including telecommunications, audio processing, medical imaging, and radar systems, enhancing the analysis and manipulation of signals for improved communication and information extraction.

Engineers, involved in signal processing, leverage MATLAB and Simulink across all development stages – from signal analysis and algorithm exploration to evaluating design implementation tradeoffs for constructing real-time signal processing systems. The use of MATLAB and Simulink coders facilitates the generation of source code in languages like C, C++, VHDL, etc., with a single button click. Additionally, signal processing algorithms and techniques can be deployed as applications for production and extended beyond the scope of MATLAB and Simulink use cases, using compilers.

In this video, we will show you how to:
  • Load, visualize and analyze signals
  • Implement signal processing algorithms and techniques
  • Stream signal processing for real time testing.
  • Deploy signal processing algorithms and techniques as standalone applications.
  • Generate C/C++ Source code from MATLAB and Simulink signal processing algorithms.
  • Generate HDL code from MATLAB Signal Processing algorithms.
About the Presenter

Abderrahim Belissaoui has a Masters in Control System, Signal Processing and Automation from Faculty of Sciences and Techniques in Settat, Morocco, and a Bachelors in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University Hassan 1er in Settat, Morocco. Abderrahim joined CES in August 2021 and since then his areas of focus have included Signal Processing, Image processing, Control System, RADAR, RF and Antenna Design and Simulation and Digital Communications Systems. He is passionate about Machine Learning for RADAR and Wireless Communications and has helped many customers improve their workflows in these areas.

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