Software for battery management systems

Software Battery Management System

Simulink is a systemlevel modeling and simulation environment that can be used to design, verify and enable embedded software for feedback and supervisory control algorithms. In using Simulink, you are securing the maximum performance, safe operation, and optimal lifespan of your battery management system under diverse chargedischarge and environmental conditions. 

You won’t have to develop embedded software through manual coding or indeed, test solely on hardware.

Simulink offers users:

  • Hundreds of ready to use electrical modeling components and examples to help develop desktop simulations of equivalent circuit battery models, charging/discharging circuits,
    and battery loads
  • Electrical components at different levels of fidelity including averagevalue power electronics models, behavioral models exposing switching characteristics, and detailed nonlinear switching models for capturing parasitics and detailed design
  • Parameter estimation tools to characterize equivalent circuit battery models using test data
  • Controller gain autotuning of multiple feedback loops
  • State machine design of mode and supervisory logic
  • Electronic component thermal analysis capabilities
  • Electronic component fault modeling options
  • Fixedpoint design for lowcost microcontrollers and FPGAs
  • Filter design tools for EMI mitigation and defined harmonics
  • Integration with MATLAB and MATLAB addon toolboxes for control design, fixedpoint design, and signal processing
  • Realtime simulation testing support for multiple hardware platforms
  • ANSI C and HDL code generation for multiple leading microcontrollers, FPGAs, and SoCs
  • Addon modules for formal design verification and validation to meet standards such as AUTOSAR, DO178C, ISO 26262, and IEC 61508

As a result, you will 

  • reduce the development time of battery management system software by 50%
  • use accurate battery models to develop and simulate closedloop and supervisory control algorithms to ensure battery performance and longevity
  • validate control algorithm development during the design stage of a project and correct any errors early in the process
  • find hardwaresoftware integration errors early thanks to prototype testing
  • create reusable control algorithms for selfdocumenting models easy to incorporate
    in the next project, as opposed to locking up IP in code
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