System Composer™

In this very easy-to-follow video, we will introduce you to System Composer™, one of MathWorks system engineering tools. Design and analyse software architectures easily. 

Why use System Composer™?

Typically, in any activity or any project you start, you firstly start with the early concept of the description phase. In this phase, you would essentially try capture the overall system and requirements. Accordingly, you would give details and your thoughts behind creating such a concept. As a system engineer you might therefore, start with a white boards and then move on to more formal and informal requirements, specifications, and architectures.  During this process you would allocate requirements to architectural components and consequently perform trade studies to optimise architectures for different design concerns.  Nevertheless, this could lead to problems, due to the lack of connectivity between system tools, throughout the design process.  

A single platform for systems engineering, design, implementation, and verification

MathWorks systems engineering tools combine with MATLAB® and Simulink® to create a unified modelling environment. System Composer works as a single platform for systems engineering, design, implementation, and verification. With System Composer™ , you can allocate requirements while refining an architecture model that can then be designed and simulated in Simulink. System Composer™ allows you to bridge the gap between the early conceptual phases and the later model development phase. It can also help in creating the digital thread, so as to ensure a connected development environment. 

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