Simulink Apps: create and share

With the latest release of Simulink 2022a, one feature: the creation of Simulink apps has gone under the radar. In the this easy-to-follow video, Vishwa Samba walks you through the process.

In this video we will show you how to create & share Simulink simulations as standalone applications (Simulink apps) built using MATLAB App Designer and deployed using Simulink Compiler.

We use a Solar Panel Parameterization Validation example from Simscape Documentation to create a standalone app to generate current-voltage and power-voltage curves for the solar panel by giving the irradiance level and panel cell temperature as inputs.

This standalone Simulink app can be easily shared within your team, with your suppliers or indeed with your clients.

About the presenter: Vishwa Samba is an Application Engineer at CES. As an Applications Engineer, Vishwa supports MATLAB and Simulink users across different industries, including aerospace & defence, oil & gas, automotive and medical devices. Vishwa holds a Master’s in Design Engineering, and has industry experience in the design, modelling and simulation of machines, robots, and processes. Vishwa has been continuously using MATLAB and Simulink for with Physical Modelling, Multi-Domain Simulation, and Image Processing applications.

New to MATLAB and Simulink?

If you are new to MATLAB and Simulink, you can get up to speed by completing the free 2-hour onramp courses. You will find the MATLAB Onramp course here and the Simulink Onramp course here

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